Shakka - Man Down (feat. AlunaGeorge) (Official Video)

 We were absolutely delighted to have this new Shakka tune with AlunaGeorge make it's way into our inbox. They make a great team over this moombah type vibe production, because let's be honest, Aluna turns everything she touches to gold.

Shakka is a bright light of promise and we are pretty sure he's about to blow the eff up too. Make sure you check this out:




Hundred Waters: New Song & Short Film


Hundred Waters are right in between two larger than life performances at Coachella, and they've got a couple of new releases to go along with those shows.  There's the new song 'Mushroom Cloud', and a new short film by Jennifer Medina and Ben Mullinkosson called Hundred Waters Communicating.  It's an up close and personal look at the relationship Nicole Miglis and Trayer Tryon share, filmed during the lead up to the tour for their latest album Communicating.  'Mushroom Cloud' comes from the same sessions as the album, and it's just as captivating as the film.  Both invite the audience to join them in their world, a feeling that's been pervasive in their music since the very beginning and yet never more present than right now, as they share their music on one of the biggest stages in the world...

Get 'Mushroom Cloud' here


Lonely Parade - I'm So Tired

 Get ready for some wonderfully loud and brash, complex and incredible rock and roll we've stumbled across in a bit. Straight outta Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, this is a new sound for us, and we love it!

We think you will too:


Epp & Calvin Valentine: 'Chrome Seats'

To everyone who has tuned in to Calvin Valentine's album Plush Seats and thought 'this needs a rapper', your wish has been granted.  Epp joins Valentine for Chrome Seats, a new take on the laidback vibe from the 20+ track beat tape.  You can check out the original here, and watch for the vinyl release on 4/20.  Listen to Chrome Seats below!


Self Jupiter "Layers" (Official Music Video)

 Self Jupiter is a legendary MC, known for his classic work with Freestyle Fellowship and The Kleenrz, on top of dozens of other incredible projects. This new tune "Layers" is a soulful reflection over laidback instrumentation, yet another classic in a library with too many to count.

Listen to this:

The new single from Self Jupiter out now on The Order Label: Video Directed by: Jason Lee Segal & Casey Bridges Starring: Self-Jupiter & Lindiwe Rose VFX: Kevin Shanmugam