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DJDS: 'Big Wave More Fire'

Big Wave More Fire is one of the biggest albums to be released in a while.  The record is stacked with collaborations, the singles have been amazing, and as soon as you press play the music will start to change how you feel.  The record is so raw and emotional that it naturally pulls the same sort of response out of the listener.  While it's a similar experience to the first time you hear their previous album Stand Up and Speak, it's certainly a step beyond anything we ever imagined.  This is the sort of album where you can listen over and over and still keep discovering more and more about the music, and the effect it has on you.  They continually create music that lives somewhere between soul and dance music, musically that you can tell, really means something.  So here's your chance, check out the new record from DJDS below, and check out more here!


Qrauer premieres the incredible 'Mulchen'


 Christian Trochäus and Ludwig Bauer are a team of sonic wizards from Berlin, Germany. When they join forces, they become Qrauer; a force of sound created with live drums and unthinkable electronic mastery. The debut EP 'Aracus' is out June 15, but you can get an exciting look into the upcoming release with this minimal yet extremely complex instant left field groovy techno classic 'Mulchen'.

We just keep pressing play again and again and again. Do yourself this favor, and listen to this:


Kandle presents 'Damned If I Do'

Kandle has just released her new EP Damned If I Do, and it's definitely been worth the wait.  The singles 'When My Body Breaks' with Peter from July Talk, and 'Bender' led the way, and the 5 track EP was just released today.  Kandle's enchanting voice stands out in the world of modern music, something beautiful and bright shining in the darkness.  The same could be said of her songs, wonderfully written, but with an ominous edge.  Take a listen to Damned If I Do below, and check out the video for 'Bender'



VIDEO: Claptone 'Under The Moon'

Claptone brings you the new video for 'Under The Moon', a stunning exploration of a summer night.  Director Jake Gabbay follows runner Luke Webb through a foggy day into a beautiful evening, where he has an unexpected encounter with the masked musician known as Claptone.  This one comes from the upcoming album Fantast, out June 8th.


DJDS presents 'I Heard' ft. The Dream & Vory

DJDS have been keepinng the big tunes coming for a while, and now they've got another.  'I Heard' features The Dream and Vory, and it's release came with the announcement of their upcoming album release.  Big Wave More Fire is set for release on Friday, and we can't wait.  This one will include collaborations with Empress Of, Kevin Drew, Vic Mensa, Charlotte Day Wilson, Khalid, Amber Mark, and Charlie Wilson to name a few.  The tracks that have been released so far indicate that DJDS is continuing to create dance music with so much soul that it transcends genre.

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