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Review: Photo Ops - How To Say Goodbye

This was a tough one.  We never know what to write when we first listen to something.  That's precisely why anyone who doesn't listen 10+ times to something should possibly consider keeping their comments on the dl, and why our reviews get published sometime after the music gets sent our way.

That being said, after numerous listens through this new album, we love it.  There is a lot of range within this composition, but it all works beautifully together.  How To Say Goodbye is clearly a collection of "sad" songs, however, it contains a strong undertone of optimism and joy.  We're not sure if this was Photo Ops' intention, but that's what we got from it, and that cannot be an easy balance to strike.

There isn't a tune we don't love on this LP, we've found each one has stuck in our heads and made an interesting appearance in our memories day to day.  A lasting collection of songs that we highly recommend.  From the jump, All The World Is serves as a perfect introduction to what's to come on How To Say Goodbye.  And we could go through and tell you what tracks to listen to specifically, but that would quite honestly be all of them.

We are going to be listening to this one for a long time, and we have to thank Photo Ops (aka Terry Price) for putting this collection out there.  He should be very proud, and you should very much look forward to hearing this if you have yet to make that happen.  Your ears and your heart deserve it.

Here is the first single, the incredible "It Makes Me Cry" from the album How To Say Goodbye, out February 26.  Look forward to it friends.