Spank Rock: White (On White) Crime

For someone we expect to be one of the ultimate party starters in the world of hip hop, Spank Rock sure delivers something unexpected with this one.  "White" is an insightful look at the hip hop culture and the world we live in.  The ideas included are not what you expect to hear in hip hop these days, and the subversive elements are what make this track something special. The track is produced by Frank Chase, and is certain to make a lasting impression...



the acorn "Influence"

One thing that was cleverly pointed out when we sat down to listen to this new track from the acorn was, what could you possibly compare this to?  This new track 'Influence' is in a world on it's own, and it's chilled out electro jazz vibes from one of the moons of Saturn has us very excited for the new record.

from the forthcoming album VIEUX LOUP


Nas "It Ain't Hard To Tell" (Fresh Kils Remix)

 Fresh Kils is a superstar.  This dude deserves all the credit in the world, he's honestly one of the best producers in hip hop, and one day everyone will see!  For now, treat yourself to his bangin' jazzy remix of the classic Nas track 'It Ain't Hard To Tell'.


Everything You Need To Know About Emile Haynie


This is a name you've probably seen popping up a lot lately.  Well, he's done some pretty amazing things, learn about that here!

The producer/songwriter dishes on how he met Kanye and Lana Del Rey, and his debut LP.
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Purity Ring "bodyache"

Purity Ring are back with their second album on the way, and they are as wonderful as ever.  This frst single "bodyache" has those trademark beautiful vocals and some cutting edge, chilled out production.  Big things!



'another eternity' out March 3rd on Last Gang / 4AD
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