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Gift Of Gab + A-F-R-O + R.A. the Rugged Man - "Freedom Form Flowing"


Holy shit. This is a gigantic track, obviously ... BUT, the thing about it is, it's that kind of track that makes you question the boundaries of what is possible in hip hop. With "Freedom Form Flowing" we not only have an unprecedented trio of chop MASTERS but, a vibe that is going to make you question your very ears.


How is it possible, that these guys could be THIS incredible!? Well, we have no idea ... but wow, do they ever remind us of what we love so much about this hip hop music. This is legendary.



A-F-R-O - Code #829 (Official Music Video)

 AFRO is the definition of ill. He's barely 20 years old and could serve 99% of todays MCs up on a platter. Don't believe us? Peep this here: