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Jeremy Fish

Not so long ago the great Jeremy Fish tweeted 'reason to love San Francisco #472, big fucking hills.' and attached this picture.  Follow Jeremy at and check out his website


Dr. Sketchy's

This is Molly Crabapple.  In 2005 she and A.V. Phibes created Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School.  The first event was held in a dive bar in Brooklyn, New York.  It began a tradition that would take alt life drawing to 100 countries under the name Dr. Sketchy's.  A fictional and highly corrupt Viennese doctor, Sketchy's Anti-Art School is named that way because it's founding artists proved to be bad art students.

The emphasis is on sketching an underground performer in a social environment, with a few drinks and a myriad of cool people.  It's a fun, judgement free place to learn if you're not experienced or to socialize with other artists.  The website says a little more than half the people in attendance are professional artists. will give you all the details you need.  Some info on how the events work, and help discovering a Dr. Sketchy's branch near you.  There's also an incredible tumblr account devoted to art from the events, so be sure to check that.  Pictured below are a few pieces by Molly Crabapple, and you can check out more on her website.


In addition to Dr. Sketchy's, Molly has also drawn for both Marvel and DC Comics, Redbull, SXSW, and has art in the permanent collection of the New York Historical Society.


Image of the day

The incredible David Choe never stops.  This time he drew Die Antwoord.


Photographer: Ysa Perez

Drop The Lime by Ysa Perez


Danny Brown by Ysa Perez.


Someone told me once that those people who say they are bored, are mistaken.  They are in fact boring.  So aimlessly looking for something I haven't seen before from one of the many artists whose work I can admire is when unproductivity can lead to boredom.  That 20 minutes spent on soundcloud listening to new music, and reading tweets somehow led to giving up the search and looking at

Ysa Perez is a photographer with a huge list of publications she's shot for.  Her real name is Ysanya but she's said no one calls her that because of the challenge it poses to pronounce.  I don't remember when I first discovered this talent, but I know I heard my photography minded friends mention her in high regard time and again. 

I think the first projects I saw where I stopped and said 'I know that name' were her shoots for GQ; GQ's Best New Designer Party 2011 and Diplo's Top Ten Travel Essentials.  Today I learned something that was right there all along.  Ysa Perez took a good number of the ASAP ROCKY photos that are now household images. 

Read more about this and Ysa, the focus of her work, her dream shoot and so much more in this incredible Respect Magazine Interview.

Jeffrey Wright by Ysa Perez


In a day and age when technology is making many artforms more accessible it is refreshing and ultimately very inspiring to see people excel who use their personality as much as technical aspects of their craft, if not more.  I can't say for sure, but looking through Ysa's portfolio it seems like she has a disarming effect on a lot of her subjects.  They let her see who they truly are at that moment.  We are fortunate that she shares those images with us.