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2 New Tracks From Beach Fossils!

Beach Fossils bring you not one but two new tracks; the energetic "Tangerine" with Rachel Goswell and the laidback "Social Jetlag".  The two tracks compliment each other nicely, and each comes with a bizarre animated clip.  Both songs come from their upcoming album Somersault, out next month.  These two show the versatility of the band, and the variety of styles on the album.  Preorder it on vinyl and iTunes


VIDEO: Beach Fossils 'St. Ivy'

'St. Ivy' is a new sound from Beach Fossils.  The New York band is paying homage to their city in the new video.  The song comes from the album 'Somersault', coming June 2nd, and with this song there's another noticeable change for the band.  'St. Ivy' is far more political than anything else we've heard from the band, and with the Joey Chriqui and Milah Libin directed video they're hoping to shed light on two vital organizations in the city.  Beach Fossils are hoping that fans will take this opportunity to support the National Endowment For The Arts and the Centre For Arts Education NYC

The directors on the video:

“In uncertain times, we turn to New York City as a reassuring look into the true diversity of this country. We set out to create a vision of NYC that demonstrates a more honest and nuanced understanding of what it means to live here. This video represents the less visible places and characters that exist in beautiful harmony both in this city, and in America.”

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