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Nevāda Nevada - "900 Days"

According to the band their name is pronounced 'Nevayda Nevada'.  The Brooklyn band has roots all over America, and that's reflected in their sound.  The single "900 Days" was released late in 2016, and we simply cannot get enough of this powerful piano ballad.  Get this one here and follow the band on Instagram!


The Incredible Work of Jon Contino

 We love these designer / studio / portfolio / interview type videos, and this one showcasing Brooklyn designer Jon Contino is no exception. Take three minutes and explore his visually stunning body of work, and his fascinating outlook on design, now that he is several years into his career.  Check it!




ROYA - End Times

Brooklyn band ROYA have a magnificent new track called 'End Times' that right away became one of those records we have to own, so we can listen to it forever. It's uptempo but dark, in the best way. It's got us hooked so we are gonna check out everything else we can possibly listen to by ROYA.

We will keep you updated, but in the mean time - watch the video for 'End Times'



superflower 'Dusk'

 From Japan but based in Brooklyn, musician/producer superflower makes interesting, bold electronic music. This song 'Dusk' is from his self titled EP which came out on vinyl in March, and is available here.


10 EL-P Favorites For EL-P's Birthday!

El P has been at it for a long time. He's always made incredible, though provoking music and done things HIS way, which makes him a huge inspiration to us all. From the early days of Company Flow to Def Jux, some amazing solo records and now Run The Jewels, no one can do it quite like El Producto. We compiled ten of our favorite tracks from the man himself, and we definitely think you should check em all out!

Happy Birthday El P!

1. Rickety Rackety (Aesop Rock f. El P & Camu Tao)

2. Oh My Darling Don't Cry (Run The Jewels)

3. End To End Burners (Company Flow)

4. Flyentology f. Trent Reznor)

5. Seven (Masterminds f. El P, J Treds, Shabaam Sahdeeq, J Live and Mr. Complex)

6. Patriotism (Company Flow)

7. Deep Space 9mm

8. The Last Huzzah (Remix) (Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire f. El P, Das Racist, Danny Brown, Despot)

9. The Full Retard

10. DPA (As Seen On TV) - (Company Flow)


Illustration by Little Green Ghouls