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El Jefe Design Studio

El Jefe Design is the code name for the magnificent Jeffrey Everett. Located just outside of Washington, DC, El Jefe Design does a bunch of work for wide variety of entertainment, corporate, and non-profit clients. El Jefe's work has been published in numerous books such as New Vintage Type and Design Entrepreneur, and seen in major magazines including Print, HOW, and Step Inside Design.

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Radiation Detecting Plate

The Fukushima Plate may seem like an ordinary kitchen plate, however it comes with a built-in radioactive meter to visualize your food's level of contamination. Interesting, here's how it works:

It's made by Nils Ferber, and you can read and see more here.


Inspiration Pad

These are amazing, and if you're anything like us, you could imagine some pretty interesting ideas coming out of something like this.  We want them. Click here for more info.

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