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NEST Releases 3 Remix of 'Breathe' by cln

We first shared 'Breathe' by cln back in May.  Released on NEST, the free, discovery focused imprint of OWSLA, it's a shining example of the unpredictable, creative music that project has always brought to the world.  Today we're excited to share the remixes of 'Breathe' including new takes on the song by DEVOTED, Ellie Herring, and fellow NEST act X&G.  The soulful, soothing vocal is centre stage on the DEVOTED mix, part of a noisy, heavyweight soundscape on the X&G mix and morphed into the central element of Ellie Herring's house mix. 

The ensuing remixes are just as creative as cln's original.  Listen to the three incredible remixes below, and click here to hear the original!


Ellie Herring 'Why'd You'

Ellie Herring caught us by surprise with her new single 'Why'd You'.  The track was paired with 'Maze' and released last Friday.  It balances her beautiful voice and the high tempo instrumental for a tune like we've never heard before.  The Lexington, Kentucky artist has released four EPs prior to 'Why'd You', and is quickly establishing herself as an unpredictable, genre defying artist. 


from "Why'd You" out Nov 6 on Racecar
album: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/why...