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Hundred Waters: 'Blanket Me'

'Blanket Me' is the latest release from Hundred Waters.  It follows the release of the Currency EP, and performances at FORM Arcosanti.  As they complete the work on their new album 'Communicating', it's release has been announced for September.  Much like Currency, the album art for 'Blanket Me' is quite unique.  That image much like the song feels like they are drawing you in to something much bigger than just an album.  We can't wait.  Listen below, and take in the beautiful, hand written lyrics.


Hundred Waters Releases 'Currency' + Live at FORM Arcosanti

While in the studio working on their third album, a follow up to The Moon Rang Like A Bell Hundred Waters also made the Currency EP.  While the third album is coming in the fall, Currency is out today.  In addition to the new EP, they've also released live videos of performances of two of the tracks on the record.  'Takeover' as well as the title track were released by Pitchfork, as perofrmed by the band at their festival FORM Arcosanti.  The breathtaking setting is simply perfect for such beautiful new music.  Currency is available at for free download or for purchase here!  Listen to it and see the live videos below!



Photo of the day: Hundred Waters at Form Arcosanti by Jasmine Safaeian

Today's photo of the day comes from Jasmine Safaeian's incredible collection of photos from Form Arcosanti.  The small festival takes place annually in Arcosanti, Arizona, put on by Hundred Waters.  This event is quite unique for several reasons, including limiting the audience to 1,200 people while attendance is free by application.

Click here to see the complete selection of photos, and here to see more amazing work from Jasmine Safaeian, and here to listen to some brilliant music by Hundred Waters.



More goodness over here.


FORM by Out Of Town Films


Hundred Waters recently held a one of a kind event called FORM.  It was a 3 day arts and music festival in the experimental city of Arcosanti in Arizona.  Out Of Town Films was in attendance at the festival, and proposed to the team behind it that they film Bing and Ruth's impromptu performance where they pulled a piano out to a cliffside setting.  The four clips in this playlist include this performance by Bing and Ruth, as well as similar performances by Mitski and Gentle Pony.  The incredible work of Out Of Town Films goes a long way towards showing the world the magic that was FORM.