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Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Mija Remix)

 Ever since Mija stepped on the scene, she's been perpetually blowing our wigs back with a wide array of amazing tunes and performances.  Thankfully, there's no end in sight - but let's step back a little bit and enjoy an earlier gem from the producer / selector herself, in her remix of Massive Attack's classic 'Paradise Circus'.

This is so awesome.


Classic of the Day: Massive Attack - Angel

Massive Attack's song 'Angel' was one of three songs recorded for the 'Mezzanine' album with previous collaborator Horace Andy on vocals.  'Mezzanine' was not their first record, but it did end up the groups most popular.  The cover depicts a combination of a beetle, and a wrecked car.  The 1998 album followed the boom in 'trip hop' of the mid nineties and helped 'Mezzanine' sell nearly 4 million copies.

The singles from this album, much like the Massive Attack singles before them; have very creative videos.  The group's influence in this area can be felt similarly to the disemination of some of their production techniques.  'Teardrop' led to a creative, but slightly odd video by Walter Stern.  Stern also directed the video for 'Angel', filmed in 1998 in London.  The video wouldn't see the light of day until 'Eleven Promos' a compilation of their videos was released in 2001.  

The video was kept in the vaults by Massive Attack until then because they felt that the video didn't really match up with the song.  Though they enjoyed the piece, the single was promoted without a video until the group decided it needed to be included in the video compilation to preserve the timeline.

Similarly, recording the song itself was not without it's challenges.  The track was intended as a cover of the Clash's 'Straight To Hell'.  Vocalist Horace Andy would not sing the word 'hell' so the song was altered in the studio, the tempo was halved.  The lyrics are a very close interpretation of Horace's track 'You Are My Angel'.

Massive Attack - Angel from Eduardo Sepúlveda on Vimeo.


Mark Pritchard remixes Massive Attack!

If you don't know who Mark Pritchard is, he's one half of the awesome group Africa Hitech.  Check out his really cool remix of Massive Attack's Lately right here!

Massive Attack 'Teardrop


Massive Attack's 'Teardrop' is a classic.  It's still around, and still has the same effect as the first time we heard it.  Rio De Janeiro's Cybass pushes it in the direction of dubstep.  So good.


Massive Attack - Teardrop (Cybass Remix) [Free Download] by Cybass



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