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Maya Jane Coles with the brand new 'Weak'

Maya Jane Coles has released so much incredible music this summer.  She's hands down one of the dopest dj/producers out there with a bold and adventurous style that is all her own.  It's dark and moody, and it always bumps.  From the Weak EP, to her album Take Flight and then beyond that the second volume of the Weak/Werk Remixes have been released.  Check the video for Weak below, and click here to get the latest remixes from Boxia, Max & Pasteman, and Wax Wings.


Maya Jane Coles: Won't Let You Down

Maya Jane Coles eclipses some big expectations with her latest EP Won't Let You Down.  The title track is an instant favourite, the sort of song that will stick with you after it's over.  Along with the original version there's a pair of remixes by Catz N' Dogz and Paride Saraceni.  On top of that the tracks "Cherry Bomb" and "Round In Circles" give you a whole lot of great music to take in.  Get it here.


Maya Jane Coles: 'Won't Let You Down' (Culoe De Song remix)

Maya Jane Coles has teamed with Boiler Room and Ballantine's to estabilsh the True Music platform.  The first release is a remix by Culoe De Song of 'Won't Let You Down', an unreleased track from Coles.  The original mix is said to be from her upcoming double album, but this take by the Johannesburg favourite is as lively and energetic as the Boiler Room set that makes up a large part of this unique video. 


Chelou: 'Halfway to Nowhere'

We first had our introduction to Chelou's music through the collaboration with Maya Jane Coles.  The track was 'Believe', and Chelou's voice adds an ominous feel to an ethereal track.  The same sort of vibe can be felt on the new single 'Halfway to Nowhere', which is produced by Coles.  For an unsigned artist to have this sort of reach is just as astounding as the music.  The album art is by the one and only Polly Nor.


Nimmo: 'Dilute This' (Maya Jane Coles remix)

Maya Jane Coles proves yet again that her creativity knows no bounds.  She's just released her newest remix to stream, and it's her take on 'Dilute This' by Nimmo.  The two vocalists Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett coexist perfectly on the moody new track from MJC, as she creates something that is a departure from her latest release as Nocturnal Sunshine.