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NEST Releases 3 Remix of 'Breathe' by cln

We first shared 'Breathe' by cln back in May.  Released on NEST, the free, discovery focused imprint of OWSLA, it's a shining example of the unpredictable, creative music that project has always brought to the world.  Today we're excited to share the remixes of 'Breathe' including new takes on the song by DEVOTED, Ellie Herring, and fellow NEST act X&G.  The soulful, soothing vocal is centre stage on the DEVOTED mix, part of a noisy, heavyweight soundscape on the X&G mix and morphed into the central element of Ellie Herring's house mix. 

The ensuing remixes are just as creative as cln's original.  Listen to the three incredible remixes below, and click here to hear the original!


Madou: 'Nowhere Else'

Madou is the Belgian duo of Jochen Sablon and Vincent De Boeck.  'Nowhere Else' is a beautiful blend of electronic, indie and soul sounds.  OWSLA's NestHQ program is the perfect place for a newly created project to debut their unpredictable music.  The laidback sound is perfect for welcoming summer, and it's going to make Madou a name to watch...






cln: "Breathe" 

cln describes his new song to Billboard:

“’Breathe’ is a song inspired and conjured in the late-night quiet, and it captures that heavy tranquility in its simple, straightforward chords.” 

The track is based around his own hearfelt vocals, artfully manipulated throughout the song into a nearly unrecognizable instrument.  "Breathe" came from an idea at 3 am, and in developing it into the full song the goal was to remain as true to that original, sleepy moment.  cln is the work of Callan Alexander, get "Breathe" here and click here to hear more!


Paper Planes: 'Watch It Bounce'

Paper Planes brings some bold, weird new music your way through Nest HQ.  Gavin Harris of Loadstar and Simon James of Delta Heavy, and this collaboration delivers on 'Watch It Bounce' and 'Wavey'.  The Ram Records label mates use the Paper Planes project to deliver music that is more house focused, yet unafraid to embrace a wide array of sounds.  This kind of creatively adventurous project is exactly why Nest thrives, and is so important to music in this day and age.

Download 'Watch It Bounce' by Paper Planes


Albin Myers and Carli: "The Legend (Busy Tempo Originals)"


Albin Myers and Carli spent some time reminiscing over the well loved rave music of the 90's.  For their new EP they're embracing what they've referred to as "The Busy Tempo".  They pair their own styles with the nostalgic sound of 140 + beats per minute.   The release is here on OWSLA / Nest, bringing yet another unexpected collection.