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Hundred Waters LP teaser: Soon on Owsla!

I think we can all agree this is something to get excited for.  Out on the 21st!

Hundred Waters music


Who is Dog Blood?


This video is called the 'DOG BLOOD next order teaser'.  It includes the OWLSA Skrillex' label, and Boys Noize Records' logos.  It's caused so much speculation as to whether or not it's a new artist or a collaboration between Skrillex and Boys Noize.  Some online sources have gone so far as to confirm that it is the two heavyweights working together.  Either way 'Next Order' the track in the video is pretty huge, and it appears to be on it's way with a tune called 'Middle Finger'.



Anyone who's listened to Alex Ridha and Sonny Moore before knows that this music could be the result of their combined work and vision.  This is for sure, we don't recommend googling 'dog blood' to find out more.  It gets weird.


NEW: Jack Beats 'Careless' EP

The one and only Jack Beats have just released the 'Careless' EP.  It's a Beatport exclusive, and it's released on Skrillex' label OWSLA.  The guests on it are second to none, Dillon Francis, Takura, Diplo, and Example.  Get your ears around it and head over to Beatport to get yours!  

Jack Beats - Careless EP by OWSLA Official


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    The M Machine stream new album

    Everyone's been talking about it, it really is quite incredible. Enjoy yourself.


    Free Treats

    OWSLA Free Treats # 2 is out.  Grab it 100% free on beatport, click on that album art.  Sign up for beatport if you don't have an account already and enjoy!

    Here's one of the huge tunes on the album:

    Alvin Risk - Cities by AlvinRisk