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Louis Schefano - Song For Anthony


Louis Schefano's 'Song For Anthony' is a genuinely great folk rock anthem that keeps us coming back and pressing play again and again. He's been around and made lots of music, and this new stuff is a glorious new chapter for Schefano. We think you'll love it:



Shout Out Louds - Oh Oh


This new tune from the most excellent Shout Out Louds is an optimistic breath of fresh air. It's an uptempo synth filled jam that has grown on us each and every time we've pressed play. We think you should give it a try! Go ahead ... You'll be glad you did!



VIDEO: Arkells "Knocking At The Door"


This track is simply way too good to be real.  Arkells dropped their new single "Knocking At The Door" out of nowhere, and the booming track cannot be stopped.  The video features the band all over Toronto, including absolutely tearing the roof off a house party.  Check the video below!



Brand New From Grizzly Bear - Check Out 'Three Rings'


Grizzly Bear are without a doubt one of our favorite bands. The foursome from New York are about to drop another record, and this single 'Three Rings' may be one of our all time favorites of theirs. It's enormous. The drums, the bassline, the vocals, and the fact that we can't grasp what exactly is going on. But we can say for sure that we are loving every minute of this. And we think you will too.



The Van Pelt present "Let's Make A List" and "It's New To Me"


The classic albums from 1996 & 1997 by New Jersey underground rock superheros The Van Pelt are getting a well deserved re-issue ... And here a couple of the amazing tunes you're in store for in case you'd like a refresher. This is indie rock goodness to love forever.