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Champion Chills Presents "HTMLIENS 1.0"

HTMLIENS 1.0 is the debut album from Champion Chills.  We first heard the news of the album's release when Jimmy Joliff appeared on the April 24th episode of Tall Tales.  There he discusses the nature of this project, utilizing synths to make the beats, and crafting songs that are rarely over 2 minutes long.  Whether on the mic delivering bars, or explaining the process and his next synth based idea, Joliff has a voice that will grab your attention.  After one quick listen you'll see this an album you need.

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New Brendan Canning video for 'Plugged In'

Earlier this week on the Tall Tales podcast we learned a bit about Brendan Canning's upcoming album 'You Gots 2 Chill'.  It includes the single 'Plugged In' and we've just seen the video that accompanies the track.  The video follows a deaf man as he walks through the city of Toronto attempting to support himself.  The clip stars Kenny Hotz, and features a cameo from Brendan Canning playing guitar on a street corner.  'You Gots 2 Chill' is due out October 1st.  Watch the video below, and get the single free by joining Canning's mailing list!  Listen to the Tall Tales episode here!


Sampha: Can't Get Close (Them Jeans remix)

In case you haven't noticed, we at Fingers on Blast are staunch supporters of Them Jeans.  The Los Angeles DJ and podcast host continually creates some of the best music and talk you can listen to.  'Tall Tales' has recently featured A-Trak and a very special epic story time episode that you absolutely should not miss.  He's also released the single 'Vowel Play', a Phoenix remix, and this new one.  Sampha might be easiest to recognize as a frequent collaborator with SBTRKT.  This single will see that change, and hopefully Sampha will become a household name on his own.  'Can't Get Close' is a brilliant track, and this smooth soulful remix pays homage to the original and takes it in a different direction.


Ciara: Body Party (Them Jeans remix)

Anyone who's been paying attention knows we are big fans of Them Jeans.  We're also fans of Ciara, and after countless remixes from all over the world, we're starting to forget what the original track sounds like.  This one is unforgettable.  There's no denying this tune!

If you're anywhere near as interested in the world of music as we are, you should check out the Tall Tales podcast.  It's hosted by Jason Stewart (Them Jeans) and Nikki Jagerman and features an incredible array of guests from Diplo to Dallas Clayton, Todd Edwards to Simon White.  Check it out here.


Poolside: Harvest Moon

Poolside is a group that you hear about from those tastemakers with an ear for great music on it's way out of Southern California to the rest of the world.  They've been guests on Tall Tales podcast, and this tune was just recently featured on Get Up On This.  Both are excellent shows, well deserving of your attention.  Poolside's sound is definitely one that is going to suit California living, and is perfect for the soundtrack to the summer for the rest of us.

'Harvest Moon' is a cover of a Neil Young song, and though it's quite different from the original it's equally as spellbinding as the original.

Poolside - Harvest Moon by Poolside


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