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Champion Chills Presents "HTMLIENS 1.0"

HTMLIENS 1.0 is the debut album from Champion Chills.  We first heard the news of the album's release when Jimmy Joliff appeared on the April 24th episode of Tall Tales.  There he discusses the nature of this project, utilizing synths to make the beats, and crafting songs that are rarely over 2 minutes long.  Whether on the mic delivering bars, or explaining the process and his next synth based idea, Joliff has a voice that will grab your attention.  After one quick listen you'll see this an album you need.

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Anna Lunoe and Them Jeans remixed by John Roman!

Voodoo by Anna Lunoe and Them Jeans gets remixed by John Roman! It's got his classic deep bass left field tribal vibe, and it's an actual beast of a tune. Make sure you press play and turn this one UP!


Them Jeans' holiday hit 'Linus and Dougie'

The Los Angeles renaissance man known as Them Jeans has just released this holiday gift on soundcloud.  He's known for his incredible sense of humour through his podcast Tall Tales, and his culinary skill, but this little remix goes a little outside the music we have come to know him for.  We hope you enjoy it...



Them Jeans' remix of 'Aerosol Can' is all you need!

Los Angeles DJ, producer, and podcast host Them Jeans has just released his remix of Major Lazer's 'Aerosol Can'.  The song features the multi-talented and extremely prolific Pharrell Williams, and this new version is both new in terms of what we've heard from Them Jeans, and likely the coolest version of the single.  Where we've come to love the mellow house tracks that Them Jeans releases, this one feels a lot like dubbed out reggae from the future, a new taste of pop music that will expand your idea of what the genre really is.  It's a real eye opener to those who know Them Jeans, and those who haven't discovered his tunes yet.  It's got us convinced that artists like Pharrell need to be enlisting him for new tracks.

Major Lazer:

Them Jeans:


Beautiful People: Them Jeans remix

 You sweethearts are in for a treat.  Last week we brought you the Treasure Fingers remix of Tatiana Owens + DJ Ayres track 'Beautiful People'.  Today we've got the latest remix, and this one is by Them Jeans.  This is one funky tune, and Them Jeans shows yet again why he's one of our favourite dj/producers.  His list of remixes over the last year is nothing short of amazing.  From Sampha, to Phoenix, to Katy Perry and now this one.  

Tatiana Owens:

DJ Ayres:



Them Jeans: