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YehMe2 Remixes Anna Lunoe & Sleepy Tom: "Stay Awake"

As the Steal This Mixtape 2 campaign continues, the daily reveals lead up to the release of the full project.  Along the way there have been a few surprises, but this might be one of the biggest.  YehMe2's first official remix was unveiled as beat # 25, and you can bet that it's a big one.  "Stay Awake" is the single by Anna Lunoe and Sleepy Tom, available now and the remixes are coming June 2nd. 

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YehMe2's Latest from "STMT2": "Lost Boy"

YehMe2 is right in the thick of the Beat A Day II Challenge.  Everyday in May he's revealing a new beat, piece by piece revealing the elements that will comprise Steal This Mix Tape 2.  So far that's included bootlegs of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Tool, Selena, and now Ruth B has been added to the list.  Follow YehMe2 online for your chance to catch a glimpse at the next big tune and watch for "STMT2" coming soon!



YehMe2: "Gimme" from STMT2

YehMe2 is previewing a track each day until the release of Steal This Mix Tape 2.  "Gimme" was released in full on Soundcloud to give you a closer look at this dope new track.  Kendrick Lamar's "DNA" influenced this one, and each preview reveals another aspect of this project.  Follow YehMe2 on Instagram to see for yourself!


YehMe2 remixes 'Both' by Gucci Mane & Drake

Following the conclusion of the monumental Hi Def Youth tour Josh Young announced he'd be parting ways with Flosstradamus to focus on his solo project; YehMe2.  'Both' is his remix of the tune from Gucci Mane's 'East Atlanta Santa', featuring Drake.  This track embodies the spirit of the YehMe2 project, balancing hip hop and larger than life dance music in a way that no one else can.  Listen below!