Review: Toro y Moi 'Anything in Return'

This record sounds like a dream.  More specifically, the soundtrack to a dream. It plays almost as if Chaz Bundick sat down every morning and worked at this record until he fell asleep, and before long the dreams and the music started to merger.  The boundaries blur, and that's how something so relaxed, eloquent, and at times delicate can be made.

There's one thing that separates the sound from what one would associate with a bedroom producer.  Toro y Moi is beautifully composed, truly the work of a highly gifted songwriter.  From beginning to end it plays like it could be a document to any number of lives.  There's something emotionally universal hidden amongst the growing array of sounds that Toro y Moi employ on each record.

This album will definitely make you want to get up and dance, which isn't the first thing people associate with Toro y Moi.  On the right system the bass on 'Say That' will have you moving.  This isn't the first time that Toro y Moi hasn't gotten funked out on a track, but it is a favourite.

'Day One' is potentially our favourite track, and reminds us a bit more of the first Toro y Moi tracks we heard.  'Never Matter' is a prime example of how Bundick can weave elements together for one extremely catchy result.

This album has been on repeat since we first got it, and it'll probably stay that way for a while.  No one else can make a record quite like this.  In addition the title itself is as inviting and curiousity inspiring as the record.


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    Review: Serena Ryder 'Harmony'

    There's something very special going on with this record.  The songs are beautifully written, and impeccably played but there's no exact way to explain the magic that lies in between.  I remember on the first listen the sense of confidence and empowerment that the songs imputed.  There's no denying it, regardless of the genre you attach to it.

    The album is an adventure, it plays like the soundtrack to a film.  There's a journey, and a thousand experiences behind songs like these and in turn they will chronicle millions more for the listeners.

    'Stompa' is the first single, it's low down, dirty rock and roll if such a thing is still being made in 2013.  'What I wouldn't do' belongs on mix tapes.  The kind you make for your friends when things are rough.  That song is like a time machine.

    Most of them are evocative of memories of great singers from every era of popular music.  The key is that it's never the same one twice.  This is one of those records that comes along, and I hope that the world catches on.  Not simply because an incredible talent like this deserves recognition, but because I know a hell of a lot of people who could use an album like this now and then.

    When you get lonely and visit your friends at the record store, look for Serena Ryder and 'Harmony'.  Play 'Heavy Love' as much as I have for the past week, and don't look back.  Find yourself a walk and a pair of headphones, or get out on the road and give this record a chance.

    You'll get a lot more than that back.




    -By @yahohyah

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